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Sharon Esther Lampert Poems
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SHAYDAYIM by Sharon Esther Lampert
(1) Caressing my tender breasts,
his left hand's on the steering wheel,
and his right hand is firmly tucked
away inside my red silk dress.

(2) He swerves the car to the curb
and turns off the ignition. Filling his
hungry mouth with my tasty tongue
- both hands caress my breasts -
Dangling keys dance to the Israeli music
playing on the radio,"Chayal shel Ahavah."

(3) Too old to be making love
in the front seat of his red van,
on a hot summer's night,
street lights on, glaring,
headlights off, flaring,
the moonlight beaming,
or am I dreaming?

(4) Protruding, a bump below his
knee, a near-death experience:
the Israeli Army; inside Lebanon;
Sabra and Shatila; the fall; from
helicopter to hospital; an iron plate.
At home, fighting for his homeland,
a permanent dwelling; Iraqi parents
speaking Arabic, landed him on the
front lines of the bloody battlefield.
Jew, speak to your enemy in Arabic,
silently, with knives. A dangling gun
marches to military orders on the radio.

(5) Me: sipping a pink Cosmo at Cibar;
red brick exterior and red velvet interior.
Him: toasting a "L'Chaim" with a Strawberry
Daiquiri. He speaks to me, "Al-ha-ke-fak"
and he is teaching me; and I look at him and
I look inside him:
an iron plate below his knee;
a locksmith for life;
a marriage gone sour;
an eviction after a lease expired;
an Orthodox Jew at a Chabad house;
his hands were full: battle, blood, and bump,
business and burden, bitch, Bible, and breast.

(6) Protruding, a engorged bump above
his knee, a near-life experience: an Israeli
man, an exotic accent, dark magnetic
eyes and chocolate-covered silk skin.
At home, in a temporary shelter, a sexy
exterior and a hot-blooded interior melted
me into his amorous arms. Melded together
as one, he speaks to his lover sweetly,
"Sing to me, Cha-mu-dah, of " Jerusalem of Gold," and of peace."

(7) Protrusions: an iron bump below his knee and
an engorged bump above his knee: a near-death
and a near-life experience: reaching again
for my ample breasts with loving hands and
a loving heart, suckling my pink nipples,
like a baby aching for his bottle of milk,
he speaks softly,
whispering into his lover's ear,
"I love your breasts."
I ask, "How do you say breasts in Hebrew?"
"Shadayim, Mo-tek, shadayim."

8) Me: taking a spiritual detour, Shabbat at
the Chabad house, in a yellow dress that is
long enough to skim my knees, no protrusions,
only mystery. Illuminated is the fact that
in the Bible, the word Shaddai is God's name.
God speaks clearly with compassion:
God spoke to Moses and said to him:"I am Yahweh.
I appeared to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as El Shaddai."
Flickering Shabbat candles gleaming,
the moonlight beaming, or am I dreaming?
Shaddai provides a name of God that
celebrates the feminine attributes in God:
God Shaddai with shadayim-breasts.
Therefore, making perfect sense to me,

Hebrew: "Chayal shel Ahavah" is "Soldier of Love"
Hebrew: shadayim are breasts
Hebrew: "L'Chaim!" is " To Life!"
Arabic: "Al-ha-ke-fak" is "All is Excellent"
Hebrew: Cha-mu-dah is Darling
Hebrew: Motek is Sweetheart
"Jerusalem of Gold" is a famous song
Hebrew: Chabad house is a Jewish community center.

Sharon Esther Lampert
Sexiest Creative Genius in Human History
8th Prophetess of Israel: 22 Commandments
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