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Sharon Esther Lampert Poems
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Central Park Violence by Sharon Esther Lampert
Central Park: Water Fight, Flight, and Tears
June 1 2001, N.Y. C., U.S.A.

(1) From the five boroughs
of N.Y.C., sixty soulless
monsters came, not knowing
each other, they all found
each other in agreement:
water all the women with ICE
and bring them to tears.

(2) Disarmed, each woman,
-fifty and counting, and
countless others - is disrobed,
robbed, sexually pawed, and
clawed. Concentric circles form
around a sole woman; a first
circle of raging participants;
a second circle of cheering and
jeering spectators; and a third
circle of indifferent police;
4500 police on duty; 900
in the park; eight calls to 911.

(3) Videotapes abound: Sexual Abuse
and Violence Against Women. Madams,
did it or did it not happen in our park;
in the heart of the BIg Apple?
Men are everywhere but no real
men are anywhere to be found:
Too afraid: IMPOTENT are our men of
the possible knife wielding soulless
monsters attacking.There are no HEROES
marching in this Puerto Rican Day Parade

(4) In childhood my father gave me
an emergency whistle. Senselessly
murdered, crossing Central Park, with
the sun at her side, the tragedy of Joan,
the beloved daughter of our distinguished
Cantor, Jacob Singer, of my synagogue,
sent chills down the spines and tears down
the cheeks of the choking congregants, whose
heart-felt ears heard the horrific news that
severed their throats. On that Sabbath prayers
went unheard and unanswered. An ICEBERG:
compassion, mercy, and justice did not exist in
that space in that place in the park. A sign must
be posted. Where does the EVIL come from?
Why does cold-blooded, soulless Cain have
the wrong right of way to destroy the body
and soul of Abel? And why is Abel unable
to protect himself from his own demise?

(5) As a young adult, a canister of mace
hung from the belt loop of a pant
pocket or from my keychain;
who knows who lurks behind
unopened doors, and the upper
east side rapist is still at large and
nightly, he is on the prowl. Flyers
of his mug hang in every doorway.
At 6 a.m., I jog around the placid
Central Park Reservoir, not knowing
whether I am getting more fit and healthy -
or am I going to have myself killed.

(6) As an adult, in full bloom, it is time,
says this breast bearing woman, to
bear arms. Nothing less than a gun will
protect my sacred soul from the soulless
monsters who have no fear of daylight
or police and no shame of ganging up
on women, children, or the elderly.
This remedy places the victimhood
on the victimizers, as they are now
the victims of their victimization.

(7) Provoked, even a dog would bite
off the hand or chew up the leg
of one of these soulless monsters
and remain on the right side of
the law. Quick on a trigger, a cat
would extend its sharpened claws,
engraving blood lit scars into each
and every face. Defenseless, women
do not strike back, unable to poke
out the eyes or kick in the groins of
any of these soulless monsters.

(8) And another concentric circle of soulless
politicians say that there are not enough
laws on the books to protect women from
domestic violence, stalkers, rapists, and
hate crimes, at home, or on the street, or
in the dark, back alley of a court room:
When all women file police reports, to
stand up to stand tall, the history books
will show that violence against women
was a national and international pastime.

(9 ) All Women, Please Hear My Cry!
Fight back, learn to pull the happy
trigger in front of the monster cocks
that by force, dare to squirt their
poisonous venom inside the wombs
that gave them life. And then justice
will be served cold, and the tears we weep
will taste bittersweet. We will visit their
graves, and weep again, ICE cold tears.

Sharon Esther Lampert
Sexiest Creative Genius in Human History
8th Prophetess of Israel: 22 Commandments
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