CVM2072SM3S GE Microwave Touch Screen "SHIP-IN" Repair Service FOR WB07X11306

REPAIR SERVICE ONLY! OF YOUR GE Cafe MICROWAVE CONTROL PANEL WB07X11192 / WB07X11113 / WB07X11306 WHICH HAS A PHYSICALLY DAMAGED / CRACKED TOUCH SCREEN OR IF YOUR TOUCH SCREEN DOES NOT RESPONDING PROPERLY FROM THE FOLLOWING GE MODELS: PVM2070DM1BB - Microwave PVM2070DM1CC - Microwave PVM2070DM1WW - Microwave PVM2070DM2BB - Microwave PVM2070DM2CC - Microwave PVM2070DM2WW - Microwave PVM2070DM3BB - Microwave PVM2070DM3CC - Microwave PVM2070DM3WW - Microwave PVM2070DM4BB - Microwave PVM2070DM4CC - Microwave PVM2070DM4WW - Microwave PVM2070SM1SS - Microwave PVM2070SM2SS - Microwave PVM2070SM3SS - Microwave PVM2070SM4SS - Microwave JVM2070BH001 - Microwave JVM2070BH002 - Microwave JVM2070BH01 - Microwave JVM2070BH02 - Microwave JVM2070CH001 - Microwave JVM2070CH01 - Microwave JVM2070CH02 - Microwave JVM2070SH001 - Microwave JVM2070SH01 - Microwave JVM2070SH02 - Microwave JVM2070SK01 - Microwave JVM2070SK02 - Microwave JVM2070WH001 - Microwave JVM2070WH01 - Microwave JVM2070WH02 - Microwave CVM2072SM1SS - Microwave CVM2072SM2SS - Microwave CVM2072SM3SS - Microwave CVM2072SM4SS - Microwave PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST WITH ANY QUESTIONS! AFTER CHECK OUT YOU MUST SHIP YOUR CONTROL PANEL ASSEMBLY TO OUR SHOP FOR REPAIR INSTRUCTION HOW TO REMOVE THE PANEL: Copy text below and paste on youtube: ( GE Microwave Control Panel Replacement, Repair #WB56X20761 ) 90 DAYS WARRANTY! AFTER CHECK OUT YOU MUST SHIP YOUR CONTROL PANEL ASSEMBLY TO OUR SHOP FOR REPAIR. TV-PART-COM REPAIR 3130 NOSTRAND AVE. BROOKLYN,NY.11229
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