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1i carry your heart with me
2a pretty a day
3if you like my poems let them
5anyone lived in a pretty how town
6Seeker Of Truth
7since feeling is first... (VII)
8because i love you)last night
9somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond
10in Just-
111(a... (a leaf falls on loneliness)
12"Gay" is the captivating cognomen
13i like my body when it is with your
14i thank you God for this most amazing
15between the breasts
16love is a place... (58)
17dying is fine)but Death
182 little whos
19may i feel said he
20(Me up at does)
21(and i imagine... (XII)
22maggie and milly and molly and may
23am was.
24my sweet old etcetera... (X)
25you being in love... (XII)
26Humanity i love you
27i shall imagine life
28in spite of everything
29she being Brand... (XIX)
31a total stranger one black day
32All in green went my love riding
33may my heart always be open to little... (19)
34i have found what you are like
35in time of daffodils
36i am so glad and very
37a man who had fallen among thieves
38when what hugs stopping earth than silent is... (16)
39Sometimes I Am Alive Because With
40(will you teach a... (12)
41because it's
42Little Tree
43next to of course god america i... (III)
44as freedom is a breakfastfood
45all which isn't singing is mere talking
46speaking of love(of... (LV)
47i am a little church
48it may not always be so
49lily has a rose
50in a middle of a room
51Buffalo Bill's
53O sweet spontaneous
54it is at moments after I have dreamed
55but if a living dance upon dead minds
56the way to hump a cow is not... (14)
57if everything happens that can't be done
58your little voice... (I)
59i sing of Olaf glad and big
60nobody loses all the time (X)
61you shall above all things... (22)
62silence... (40)
63i go to this window
64my girl's tall with hard long eyes... (XIX)
65who knows if the moon's... (VII)
66why did you go... (IV)
67pity this busy monster,manunkind... (XIV)
68my love is building a building... (XII)
69nobody loved this... (4)
70I Am A Beggar Always
71nothing false and possible is love... (XXXIV)
72guilt is the cause of more disorders
73gee i like to think of dead
74one's not half two. It's two are halves of one:
75the boys i mean are not refined
76my mind is... (XXV)
77but the other
78Fame Speaks
79buy me an ounce and i'll sell you a pound.
80moan... (7)
81all ignorance toboggans into know
82supposing i dreamed this)... (IX)
83!blac... (1)
84listen... (III)
85flotsam and jetsam
86hate blows a bubble of despair into
87when god lets my body be
88if I should sleep with a lady called death
89voices to voices,lip to lip... (XXXIII)
90enter no
91my father moved through dooms of love
92a light Out
93Spring is like a perhaps hand
94if there are any heavens my mother will
95once like a spark... (XXIV)
96Jehovah buried,Satan dead,
97here's to opening and upward
98but mr can you maybe listen there's
100Skating (4)
101If you can't eat you got to
102suppose... (VIII)
103there is a here and... (19)
104dead every enourmous piece
106the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls
107Now i lay(with everywhere around)... (44)
108here is little Effie's head
109Thy fingers make early flowers of... (IV)
110a clown's smirk in the skull of a baboon
111if i have made,my lady,intricate
112yes is a pleasant country... (XXXVIII)
113ecco a letter starting"dearest we"
114what if a much of a which of a wind... (XX)
115Poem, Or Beauty Hurts Mr. Vinal
116Picasso... (XXIII)
117Tumbling-hair/ picker of buttercups/ violets... (V)
118you said Is (XIII)
119now is a ship... (9)
120this is the garden: colours come and go,... (IX)
121when life is quite through with... (II)
122when hair falls off and eyes blur And... (L)
123now does our world descend...
124six... (21)
125fl... (2)
126FOREWARD, is 5
127spoke joe to jack... (10)
129Of Nicolette
130youful... (17)
131when faces called flowers float out of the ground... (67)
132red-rag and pink-flag... (11)
133into the strenuous briefness
134Marianne Moore (35)
135when serpents bargain for the right to squirm... (22)
136there are so many tictoc...
137spring omnipotent goddess Thou
138this evangelist... (XXIX)
139of all the blessings which to man... (IV)
140warped this perhapsy... (9)
141INTRODUCTION from New Poems
142yonder deadfromtheneckup graduate... (V)
143mrs... (15)
144this(let's remember)day died again and...
145up into the silence the green... (41)
146proud of his scientific attitude... (13)
147mr youse needn't be so spry... (XVIII)
148who sharpens every dull... (26)
149kumrads die because they're told)
150now what were motionless move(exists no... (89)
151ordinary wind is winding(cold face blush
152Where's Madge then,
153the Noster was a ship of swank... (8)
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