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Ivan Donn Carswell Poems
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1A catchy phrase
2A Crystalline Awakening
3A few kind words
4A final journeying
5A monument in words
6Absorbed in familiar rhythms
7Ad Invasions
8Admire their style
9After the rain
10Ah, that Murphy girl
11Almost taste the flavour
12And The Piper Dreams
13And you will claim
14Another barbeque tonight
15Athritic Fingers Have To Last
16As much a part
17At Feet Of Dogs
18Baby waits alone
19Before the arthritis set in
20Being old in the game
21Benefit of doubt
22Beta Blogger Blues
23Bitter sweet
24Blame Katrina, or Larry…
25Bretton Wood
26Camping in a kitchen
27Cappuccino smile
28Carbonara eyes
29Cherry bomb
30Clouded dreams
31Colours in lamplight
33Consciousness Of Our Return
34Courage is a motherless lamb
35Crying to be written
36Days of the slow roll
37Dead man’s clothes
38Dead poet
39Dead thoughts of corpses
40Do you know who is thinking of you?
41Does the name toll a bell?
42Does your semen smell like camembert?
43Don’t talk to me of War
44Dreams of a lifetime
45Dreams of better days
46Echoes in an empty room
48Every Time I laugh Aloud (An Ode to Short People)
49For Harry (My College Room-mate who Died)
50For Siggy & Bill
51For you secular needs
52Forever Alight
53Forsaken promises
54Fountain of your rise
55Free from intrusion
56Frogmouth biker
58Touched my family
59Gimme ‘n F
60Good neighbours
61Growing Apart
62Haircut today
63Having each of you as friends
64Her gentle hands
65Hidden dangers
66Hoping With Care
67Hostel Beach, Oneroa
68I cannot let the moment pass
69I love you in the morning
70I Mark Your Courage
71If democratically elected
72If it ever bloody rains
73I’ll have to change my mind
74In soothing, sweetened words
75In these quiet moments
76It is a secular world
77It is an abhorrent thing
78It seldom snowed – Part IV
79It seldom snowed, they said - Part I
80It seldom snowed - Part II
81It seldom snowed – Part III
82It was your first outing
83Jack’s Legacy
84Jessie of Gibraltar
85Joys of the chase
86Just wasn’t right
87Key economy
88Lake Otamangakau
89Lethargy of leaden wings
90Love stopped before it began
91Men with trivial scars
92Moocooboola Dam
93Morning’s Reflections
94Mountains of Delight
95My enemy my friend
96Night’s sentinel
97No conscience in escape
98No further slice of me
99No way of going back
100None is spared your handsome smile
101Nothing ever is the same
102Of Such Simplicity
103Olmecs rule
104On The Death of a Father
105On your birthday, today,
106Other side
107Out of ideas…
108Out of The Annexe
109Paper towel
110Partisanship and politics
111Desires that you can only tame to know
112Pedestrian ambitions
113Piscine kind of kinship
114Political nonsense
115Possums came at night
116Puissant Morons
117Pumpkins in our time
118Rangipo Desert
119Ready to step into life
120Remember with affection
121Sends the wrong message
122Seven suits
123Share of obligation
124Shirley of Serendipity
125Silvered In The Dying Light
126Simple pleasures that you bring
127So Let Us Dare
128Something to shout about
129Steve’s tears
130Still hear the waves
131Strawberries again today
132Sweetness Of The Decent Night
133Tales in the beginning
134Talk to me of love
135Terra nullis ignorata
136Thank you Ambrose
137The beans were exciting
138The Beer Was Cold Enough
139The best days of my life
140The Ease and Charm of You
141The Hunt
142The last excuse
143The Last Unicorn
144The light was always you
145The Logic Of This State
146The perfect cup
147The power of the Lake
148The Price of Fame
149The Price Of Parting
150The Reason Why I’m Fat
151The same embrace
152The Waipakihi
153Thinking of an Afterlife
154This House Which Is Lived In
155This Window is
156Thought it was America
157Tickets to the game
158Time to play
159To Henrietta Lyn
160To keep the ambience alive
161To let them die peace
162To risk your Liberty
163To win a game
165Tools for life
166Travellers Whom We Met
167Travelling on the thumb
168Twenty Four Hour Embrace
169Uncommon common sense
170Water Babes
171We reflect this day on the essence of intimacy
172We, The Living
173What a weekend
174What does it take?
175When I Close My Eyes
176When We Were Young
177Where The Creek Used To Run
178Worthy Places
179Your noble reign
180Your Voices Joined Is All It Takes
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