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1Sonnet XIX: You Cannot Love
2Sonnet XVI: Mongst All the Creatures
3Sonnet LXI: Since There's No Help
4Sonnet XXI: A Witless Galant
5Sonnet XI: You Not Alone
6Sonnet IX: As Other Men
7To His Coy Love
8How Many Paltry Foolish Painted Things
9The Battle Of Agincourt
10Sonnet XXVI: I Ever Love
11To the Reader of These Sonnets
12Sonnet XXII: With Fools and Children
13Sonnet XXXVIII: Sitting Alone, Love
14The Parting
15Sonnet XX: An Evil Spirit
16To The Virginian Voyage
17Sonnet LII: What? Dost Thou Mean
18Idea XX: An evil spirit, your beauty, haunts me still
19Idea XXXVII: Dear, why should you command me to my rest
20Sonnet XXV: O Why Should Nature
22Sonnet I: Like an Advent'rous Seafarer
23Sonnet XXXIX: Some, When in Rhyme
24Sonnet LXII: When First I Ended
25Sonnet XXXIV: Marvel Not, Love
26Noah's Flood (excerpts)
28Sonnet V: Nothing But No
29Sonnet XLVIII: Cupid, I Hate Thee
30Sonnet IV: Bright Star of Beauty
31Sonnet XIV: If He From Heav'n
33Sonnet LXIII: Truce, Gentle Love
34Sonnet XXIV: I Hear Some Say
35Sonnet VII: Love in a Humour
36Ode to the Cambro-Britons and their Harp, His Ballad of Agi
37Nymphidia, The Court Of Fairy (excerpts)
38Sonnet II: My Heart Was Slain
39Sonnet XXVII: Is Not Love Here
40Sonnet XVII: Stay, Speedy Time
41Idea LI: Calling to mind since first my love begun
42Sonnet XXXVII: Dear, Why Should You
43Sonnet XXX: Those Priests
44Sonnet III: Taking My Pen
45Sonnet LIX: As Love and I
46Sonnet XXII: Love, Banish'd Heav'n
47Sonnet XIII: Letters and Lines
48Sonnet XXIX: When Conquering Love
49Endimion and Phoebe (excerpts)
50Sonnet XVIII: To This Our World
51Sonnet L: As in Some Countries
52Sonnet LI: Calling to Mind
53Sonnet LX: Define My Weal
54Sonnet XLII: Some Men There Be
55Sonnet XXXII: Our Flood's-Queen Thames
56Sonnet VI: How Many Paltry Things
57Sonnet XV: Since to Obtain Thee
58Sonnet VIII: There's Nothing Grieves Me
59Sonnet XXXIII: Whilst Yet Mine Eyes
60Idea LIII: To the River Ancor
61Sonnet XXVIII: To Such As Say
62Sonnet LIV: Yet Read at Last
63Sonnet XLIV: Whilst Thus My Pen
64Sonnet LVII: You Best Discern'd
65Sonnet XLVII: In Pride of Wit
66Sonnet X: To Nothing Fitter
67Sonnet XXXI: Methinks I See
68Sonnet XLIX: Thou Leaden Brain
69Sonnet LIII: Clear Anker
70Sonnet XXXV: Some, Misbelieving
71Sonnet XLI: Why Do I Speak of Joy
72Sonnet XL: My Heart the Anvil
73Sonnet XLIII: Why Should Your Fair Eyes
74Sonnet XII: That Learned Father
75Sonnet LV: My Fair, If Thou Wilt
76Sonnet XXXVI: Thou Purblind Boy
77Sonnet XLVI: Plain-Path'd Experience
78Sonnet LVIII: In Former Times
79Sonnet LVI: When Like an Eaglet
80Sonnet XLV: Muses, Which Sadly Sit
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